Jungle AI

We translate complex data
jungles into opportunity


Conquer Complexity

At Jungle, we empower people to tackle complex problems through data analysis. Everyday, millions of bytes of data are created, making it harder to understand the world around us. We apply machine learning to transform the complexity of data jungles into opportunity. By providing contextual insights, we enable people to focus their resources and take action.

  • 20+ colleagues
  • 7 nationalities
  • >25 AI research papers
    published & co-authored
  • 3 visionary founders
  • 1 office dog


We believe that machine learning will solve big problems, if enabled by leadership, integrity and innovation.

We believe that the sweet spot of knowledge sits at the intersection of applied and theoretical research.

We believe we must constantly ask questions, learn, and grow.

We believe that work should be stimulating, challenging, impactful, and fun.

We believe that transparency and openness in applying machine learning is key to creating real world impact.

Re-energising your team!

“I truly understood our technology’s impact after visiting one of our customers at their factory. Suddenly, one of the engineers came up to me and said: “40 years of working here, and with your insights, I feel a new type of excitement about the potential of our production line!” The value our machine learning algorithms unlock in real life is immense.”

- Gustavo Carita, Tech Lead Industry at Jungle